Overnight Visit Agreement

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Welcome to Earlham College! We are excited that you are spending the night in one of our residence halls, experiencing what it would be like to be an Earlham student first-hand. This is your chance to say #ImAnEarlhamite for the day, so take it all in! While your overnight host is a great resource, we encourage you to talk to as many people across campus as possible to learn more about the diversity of our community. As a guest of Earlham College, you are required to abide by the same rules and regulations that govern the conduct of current Earlham students. Please note that any negative or illegal behavior during your campus visit may be considered by the Admissions Office in any evaluation of your application for admission to the College. Earlham Admissions will also report any violations to your current school. 

Expectations of visitors 

Please read the following and sign your name (electronically) to indicate that you have read and understand the statements below:

? I am aware that although Earlham College has agreed to host me overnight, neither the Admissions Office nor any other office personnel of Earlham College will be supervising me at all times during my stay on campus. Visiting students, like enrolled students, are responsible for their own behavior *
I am aware that participants in on-campus visit programs are required to abide by Indiana state law and the rules and regulations of student conduct that govern students enrolled at Earlham College. Violations of state law and campus regulations will be handled by the appropriate governing authorities. *
I acknowledge that Indiana law prohibits the drinking of alcoholic beverages by persons under 21 years of age as well as the use of controlled substances by persons of any age. As stated above, violations of this and any Indiana state law will be handled by the appropriate authorities. *
I acknowledge that Earlham Admissions staff have designated an overnight host for me. If I decide not to stay with my designated host and/or in the room to which I was assigned, I understand that I must contact the Department of Public Safety (765-983-1400), my assigned host and the admissions office to notify them of my alternate accommodations and the reason for the change. I understand that this is for my own personal safety and security. *

All visitors (even students over 18 years of age) must have a parent or guardian read and sign below. As a parent/guardian, I have discussed the Earlham Expectations of Visitors with my student, as well as any personal guidelines I expect my student to follow.

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