Athletic Training & Sports Medicine

Participating in intercollegiate sports involves inherent risks of physical injury. Student-athletes assume these risks, and understand that the chance of sustaining a catastrophic injury may be rare yet can occur. Athletes rightfully assume that those who are responsible for the conduct of the sport including coaches, athletic trainers, and athletic department administration have taken reasonable precautions to minimize the risk of injury. It is the primary responsibility of the sports medicine staff to prevent, evaluate, rehabilitate and provide care for those injuries that are a result of intercollegiate competition at Earlham College.


Hours of Operation:

  • Main Athletic Training Room -----  Monday – Friday   10:00 am  - 8:00 pm
  • Auxiliary Athletic Training Rooms ------  Monday – Friday  3:30 pm – 6:30 pm 
  • Practices occurring outside of those times:  Athletic Trainer will be present one hour prior to the start of practice and depart thirty minutes after conclusion. 
  • Contests - Athletic Trainer will present one hour prior to “dress and ready time” established by coach; will depart one hour after the conclusion of contest.



  • Athletes receive treatment and care on a first come, first served basis. Unless the athlete is under a time constraint due to a contest.   
  • No equipment is to be taken from the Athletic Training Room unless authorized by one of the Athletic Training Staff.
  • Proper behavior and respect for individuals and EC property is expected. 
  • Appropriate dress is expected, no under garments or revealing clothing. Compression shorts and sports bras are acceptable.
  • Athletes are not permitted to utilize the Athletic Training Room outside of the posted hours of operation. 


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