Earlham's Ryan Acosta was named All-HCAC First Team as a punter in 2014.
Earlham's Ryan Acosta was named All-HCAC First Team as a punter in 2014.

I.  Athletic Department
A.  Philosophy
            As a Quaker institution of higher education, Earlham College values intercollegiate athletics as an integral part of a liberal arts education.  A conscientiously designed varsity athletic program can offer practical expression of the belief in the individual’s integrity, wholeness and potential for excellence and in the commitment of the individual to a community of persons with a common goal.  The training, exercise, and enjoyment of the mind and body, and the discipline of cooperation and competition that athletic experience can promote are essential aspects of a liberal arts education.  Varsity athletics offers that experience to individuals who wish to prepare seriously for competitive intercollegiate challenge.  In combination with other competitive levels—activity classes, intramural and club sports—the total athletic program complements and enhances the academic and social experiences of a liberal arts education.
            Earlham embraces intercollegiate athletic competition as a learning experience which requires each participant to strive to excel, and according to the sport, to cooperate with team members and other contestants in an event defined by established rules and expectations.  The peak experiences for which athletes will be prepared and which we hope they will strive to experience is the union of the mind, body and spirit in the competitive moment or encounter.  Within reasonable limits, Earlham will provide a variety of varsity sports to satisfy the variety of student interests and will assure that men and women have equal opportunity to develop excellence in sports of their choice.
B.  Goals
In order to foster, promote and embrace an active and successful intercollegiate athletic program at Earlham College, the following represent program, institutional and community goals:
1.  The intercollegiate athletic program should be seen as a complement to, enhancement of, and integral component in the academic and social community by all persons associated with Earlham.
            2.  The program should serve the current student body.
3.  The program should promote the interest and involvement of Earlham alumni and the Richmond community.
4.  The program should be considered an asset in promoting Earlham College as an educational institution with a diverse student body.
5.  The program should strive for success and excellence within each sport and within the program as a whole.
6.  The program should provide equal opportunity to students who try out for positions on varsity teams regardless of race or group affiliations, and comparable opportunities for men and women.
7.  The program should be supported in its attempts to reach appropriately high levels of performance with quality equipment, facilities and staffing.
8.  The program should adhere to the constraints imposed upon it by national and conference affiliations and by institutional expectations. 
C.  Objectives and Guidelines
To carry out the goals listed above in the spirit of the philosophy stated above, the following plan of action is offered:
            1.  Varsity athletics is a competitive enterprise and the principal objective is to win by the rules. 
            2.  Earlham should maintain varsity athletic conference affiliations and schedule contests with institution which share our philosophy and goals, and with athletic teams that Earlham teams can compete. 
            3.  Each varsity program is expected to recruit a suitable number of athletes able to compete at the level of the opposition.  Coaches are expected to attract athletes who contribute academically and socially to the life of the campus.
            4.  Facilities and budgets should be developed with the interests of the on-campus constituency first in mind.  Athletes at all levels of performance need suitable and safe facilities.
            5.  Varsity athletics offers the campus community a chance to come together in appreciation of a sport and the players.  Opportunities to stimulate interest in varsity games through appropriate scheduling and promotions are encouraged.
            6.  Coaches should be recruited and retained on the basis of their coaching and teaching abilities as well as their ability to represent Earlham in recruiting, in their profession, and in their community relations.  The ability to appreciate Earlham and to communicate well to on and off campus groups is essential.
            7.  In order that all facets of Earlham’s athletic program be presented to the public in positive and coherent manner, coaches, administrators and the sports information director should cooperate in formulating plans and gathering and publishing information.  The Publications Office and the Admissions Office should insure that the athletic opportunities for prospective student athletes are presented in an accurate and fair manner.
            8.  Performance enhancing drugs are forbidden by all national athletic organizations.  At Earlham, our heritage provides further reason for avoiding the use of such drugs.
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